Product Spotlight: Urban Decay Naked Palette

5 Aug

Good morning, friends! How are you faring on this lovely Friday? Are you ready to get naked?

Wait. Sorry. I mean, you SHOULD get naked.

Okay, I’m really not doing this right. I really recommend that you purchase Naked. Better?

Though I haven’t taken and posted pictures of my stash for all of you yet, perhaps it is already clear that I purchase a great deal of beauty products annually. So when I say that this is one of the best products I’ve purchased in the last year, it’s kind of a big deal. Urban Decay’s Naked palette has a lot going for it. The shadows are housed in a sassy, chocolate-colored flocked palette with a mirror on the inside, and “NAKED” stamped across the inside and front, and looks really, REALLY nice in a makeup bag/on a vanity/in your purse/everywhere. (When he first saw it, my dad asked hopefully if it was a fancy chocolate bar.) It has an awesome assortment of twelve neutral colors and comes with a mini of their best-selling eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion (which is my second favorite primer after MAC Painterly). Mine also came with a double-ended 24/7 liner in Zero and Whiskey, a dark, creamy brown. (The newer edition of this palette is exactly the same, except it comes with a brush instead of liner.) Meet the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

The number of looks you can do with this palette is pretty obscene. From brunch with your grandparents to “I’m busting out the pleather leggings this weekend,” the Naked Palette gets the job done. There are two mattes, nine shimmers, and one glitter shadow. To be honest, I don’t use the glitter shadow. (Urban Decay junkies can rejoice in that the glitter shade is not any variant of Midnight Cowboy – I must have that shade in at LEAST five formats by now!) Even though I have my tricks to keep glitter fallout at bay, I’d rather not deal with it – though it is a lovely shade. The colors are well pigmented and blend very nicely. But you don’t have to use the shadows just on your eyes! I like to use the matte shades for contouring – Naked, the lighter of the two, is great for shading the sides of my nose, and Buck, the darker shade, is what I use for hollowing out my cheeks. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use them both, in addition to Virgin (a fair shimmery color), to create the illusion of cleavage where I don’t have much.

Eye with Urban Decay Naked Palette

My eye wearing the Urban Decay Naked Palette

(My sincerest apologies for my eyebrow in this picture. Yikes.) But let me tell you, my eyes are quite brown – and look at that sucker! Looks pretty green to me. (I did this right after my palette arrived in the mail and sent this picture to everyone I knew, saying “LOOK AT THAT EYESHADOW!!!”) This kind of look is so easily and quickly accomplished with the Naked palette due to its versatility and quality. Just slap on some mascara and your eyes will be the envy of all.

The only downfall to this palette? The price is kind of steep at $48. But I’d pay it again in a heartbeat – and if you don’t have many eyeshadows, or are new to Urban Decay, this is a GREAT collection to own. If I’m traveling or know that I’m going out, this bad boy is in my bag.

There you have it…if it’s not immediately apparent somehow, I’m totally obsessed with this thing. It can be hard to get in stores, as a lot of people have caught on to its absurdly awesomeness, but try online at Sephora or Urban Decay‘s own website.

Do you have Urban Decay’s Naked Palette? Do you absolutely love it? Or do you *cue gasp* hate it? Please let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I purchased this myself, and holy COW am I glad I did!


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