CND Oil Slick

8 Aug

Hope you all had a nice weekend! My right thumb nail sustained an injury from bowling, but I was pleased to find that the break didn’t destroy my nail shape. (And, of course, all I could think about was my nail for the rest of the night…sigh.)

Breaking my nail meant that I had no choice but to change polishes! I went with CND Oil Slick – a super dark teal creme. I really enjoy dark colors, but I like to be able to tell that they’re not just plain black on the nail. Fabulous brooding shades of purple, blue, and green appearing black in daylight kind of bums me out.

CND Oil Slick Nail Polish

CND Oil Slick Nail Polish

So I was kind of bummed out with this one. You can kind of see around the edges of the polish that it’s supposed to be dark teal, but it just looks black otherwise. Pros: I could have probably done one coat if I had been especially careful during application – and this would have made the polish appear as its true color. It dried surprisingly quickly, too! The bottle also has a rubberized cap, which makes it handy to open if old polish is sticking your bottle shut. The brush was pretty nice, with firm bristles. Cons: The whole dark thing. That was disappointing. And while I really liked the brush, I wished the edges were rounded like the Sally Hansen Professional brushes. Because of the hard corners on this brush, my manicure appeared jagged in some spots close to the cuticle, my main reason for applying a second coat. Don’t be totally turned off to CND after this, though. I was lucky enough to attend a CND event in 2009 when they were premiering these new polishes, and check out the manicure Angi Wingle did on me with Inkwell and Emerald Sparkle:

CND Emerald Sparkle over Inkwell Nail Polish

CND Emerald Sparkle over Inkwell Nail Polish

See? Isn’t that hot? If you slap a topcoat on something it can completely change the product beneath. Besides – Stickey basecoat is a CND product, and I love it. I still like CND – they are major players at Fashion Week – but this is not my fave.
Disclosure: I bought CND Oil Slick (on sale!) myself.


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