Product Spotlight: Sebastian Volupt Spray

9 Aug

Hey there, readers! I have something a little different for you this afternoon: a haircare product! I may have mentioned previously that I’m not so into hair – mine is very straight and typically refuses to hold a curl. But if you have straight hair, you might deal with something that I find unacceptable – flatness. I know straight hair is the envy of many, but mine isn’t crazy thick and I need some volume in my every day routine.

May I introduce to you my hair volumizer of choice, Sebastian Volupt Spray!

Sebastian Volupt Spray

Sebastian Volupt Spray

I met this product through my hairstylist, Dena, who has been doing my hair since I was in single digits – really! She always has great advice for me and uses cutting-edge (bad pun?) products and tools. She told me about tourmaline brushes and hair dryers, ceramic flat irons (not that I need one, but still), and has told me about the coolest hair sprays and gels from Tigi BedHead to Redken. She also cuts my mom’s hair, and introduced her to Pureology (a great, trendy line for color-treated hair).

I’m sure if you’ve used different hair products, then you know that OMG SOME OF THEM SMELL LIKE POISON. Whenever I curl my hair (very infrequently, but for some special occasions), I am so afraid to inhale whatever spray I use to keep my hair in place. (Though it may be the magical hairspray elixir of life, I really don’t like the smell of Elnett. Yick.) Not to mention, older cans of products still have an active hand in ripping open the ozone layer.

But check out Sebastian Volupt Spray – it’s a spray gel (though it feels way lighter than any spray gel I’ve struggled to use in the past) and smells fresh and clean. Shake to activate! Spray on my damp hair – I use three to five squirts – and then blow dry as normal (which doesn’t look normal when I do it because my head is upside down). The result of this low-maintenance styling is soft hair (that stands up higher on my head!) with plenty of body to go around.

I checked out the ingredients for the first time today – I know, I know – and saw that there was something fishy about them. Not in a bad way, but literally fishy. One of the first ingredients is chitosan. I racked my brain when I saw this word and the first thing that came to mind was shellfish. That couldn’t be, could it?

It could and it is! Though I do know a decent amount about raw materials that go into cosmetics, I don’t know any chitosan distributors, so I had to Wikipedia this one. Chitosan is created by a chemical reaction that breaks down chitin – which is what makes the exoskeletons of crustaceans so strong. (Are you freaking out? Don’t. There are so many things in beauty products and food you might not even know about that are a little more disorienting than a bit of exoskeleton.) I poked around a little more to find out why chitosan is in my hairspray, and it turns out that not only can it strengthen the hair while making it softer (like some sort of mind-blowing suit of armor for hair), it also acts as an antistatic, protecting your hair from drying out.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty awesome. I want to come up with a new campaign for this product…incorporating Poseidon sounds about right.

So there you go – another product that uses the awesome power of science to create something awesome and indispensable! (Honestly, if they had explain the uses of certain formulas in high school chemistry, maybe I would have paid closer attention.) Interested in checking out Sebastian Volupt Spray’s might yourself? Either check out Sebastian‘s website to find a salon distributing near you, or you can buy it here on

(Disclosure: I bought Sebastian Volupt spray myself after it was recommended to me.)

Have you tried Sebastian Volupt Spray? Or have you found something better? Let me know in the comments!


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