It’s Not A Trick: Revlon Color Illusion Nail Polish in Silver Switch

11 Aug

Hopefully some other beauty fans are just as crazy about Arrested Development (like me!) and get the joke up there…

A friend of mine suggested a blue manicure for this post, but after seeing the state of my nails after removing CND Oil Slick, I decided I should take a small break from the blues and greens. (When one color stains my nails, I try to wear something that I know won’t stain or a shade from the other side of the color wheel.) Kind of disappointed that I couldn’t share another blue with you guys, I poked through the untested section of my nail polish collection and found THIS animal.

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

It’s a blessing and a curse that I live close enough to Revlon‘s company outlet to check out what inexpensive goodies I can nab every so often. Nail polish is often a dollar, which as you can imagine, is terrifying and amazing at the same time for someone like me. I picked this one, Revlon Color Illusion in Silver Switch, up at the outlet a few years ago. It’s a duochrome, meaning it appears to be two (or more!) colors at once. Check it out on the nail:

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch polish, swatched

The base is silver, but appears purple/pink and green/gold. The green/gold flash appears mostly in direct sunlight, while the purple/pink flash shows up indoors. It’s very similar to mother of pearl!

Pros: This stuff dried FAST. Really fast. I was very impressed. The color is also somewhat unique

Cons: …but not that unique. I realized I have at least one color like this, Deborah Lippmann‘s Wicked Game, which has slightly darker silver as its base but flashes the same colors. And if you have OPI‘s Not Like the Movies from Katy Perry’s collaboration, that one looks similar. So does Wet n’ Wild‘s Gray’s Anatomy. I also needed five coats to reach the level of opacity I wanted, but it was so quick to dry that taking the time to apply more coats didn’t bother me.

That all said, if you can track this down for a reasonable price, check it out – but all of the above are still readily available (and Wet n’ Wild is even more economical than Revlon), so don’t be too stressed if you can’t find it.

What do you think of this rare gem?


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