My Darling Angel – MAC Angel

19 Aug

It’s Friday! You know, through most of yesterday I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to make it to the weekend. But we’re finally here! I have the Ke$ha concert tomorrow, which I am super excited about (although I’m very scared that it’s going to rain) and just as excited to share my Ke$ha look with you after the weekend.

Today we have a more mild-mannered shade of lipstick – MAC Angel – on the blog. Even though you know I like shades that are weird and pretty much say, “LOOK AT MY FACE!” I still need a lipstick to wear for all those times that I want to make my eyes the major player. Neutral and innocent colors like this one also make your lips look fuller (in comparison to a dark or bright lipstick).

I’ve mentioned on the blog that I keep up with the Kardashians. Kim is getting married tomorrow, which is another reason I’m posting this lipstick today. This is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite lipsticks, which is admittedly why I tried it in the first place. She – or her makeup artist – knows what she’s talking about when it comes to great shades, because I love MAC Angel as much as I love another Kim-recommended product, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC‘s website describes this lipstick as a “soft pink,” which is a vague but otherwise accurate description. It’s a frost finish, but it doesn’t look at all frosty to me – just a mild pearl. I wear it more often than you’d think. It’s classy and professional, but also a sweet, darling shade. It’s great for interviews or work, first dates or family functions. That all said, the fun doesn’t stop there: if you’re looking for a great lipstick pairing for a smoky eye, this is a shade you shouldn’t miss out on.

Me wearing MAC Angel Lipstick

Me wearing MAC Angel Lipstick

It’s one of MAC‘s best-selling lipstick shades, along with Snob. I know you’ll like it as much as Kim Kardashian and I both do! Get it here.

Do you have MAC Angel? Are you a huge fan too or could you live without it? Are you judging me for liking the Kardashian family or are you also excited for Kim’s upcoming nuptials? Let me know in the comments!


2 Responses to “My Darling Angel – MAC Angel”

  1. Gaby gaby August 20, 2011 at 11:01 PM #

    u look so gorg here!!

    • makeup maestra August 21, 2011 at 7:05 PM #

      thanks, gaby! you should be my blog photographer; i’m using my phone for most of these and it is very frustrating!

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