Product Spotlight: A Rose By Any Other Name – Asquith and Somerset English Rose Bath & Shower Gel

7 Sep

Wednesday already? This week is coasting by. Today, I have a product that’s easy to find locally but hard to find online (weird, right?) – my body wash!

My middle name is Rose, so it’s always surprised me that I haven’t received more rose-scented gifts on birthdays or during the holidays. Some of my favorite fragrances contain rose notes – YSL Baby Doll and Stella McCartney Stella to name a few – and I love the color pink in all of its forms (and red). So when I walked into Marshalls many moons ago and found this product, I was completely delighted.

Asquith and Somerset English Rose Bath & Shower Gel

Asquith and Somerset English Rose Bath & Shower Gel (photo courtesy of

Asquith and Somerset makes many different scented soaps and shower gels, but my favorite product is their English Rose Bath & Shower Gel. It’s not too easy to find online, but Asquith and Somerset isn’t at all difficult to find at Marshalls or TJ Maxx stores; virtually every time I visit one, this product is in stock! This body wash creates a great lather and the fragrance lingers on your skin after your shower is over. The bottle has somewhat of an apothecary feel to it, so it won’t just smell nice, but will look nice too! A little goes a long way, but even if I spill a little by accident, it doesn’t matter too much as I usually find it for around $4.

Have you tried this company? Or have you picked up any other awesome finds at TJ Maxx or Marshalls? Sometimes, those stores are where fabulous products go to die. I bought $50 worth of Tony and Tina products there after that beauty brand went out of business…


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