OPI Light My Sapphire

12 Sep

Hey readers, happy Monday!

I’m sorry about the mini-hiatus. It’s been a hella strange past few days and I needed a little bit of time to clear my head. Admittedly, I’m not sure my thoughts are any more focused than they were before my break, but I’m back!

It’s September, which means a lot of things – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in New York, pumpkin spice lattés, and as I’ve mentioned before, my birthday! My birthstone is the sapphire. My mom’s birthstone is turquoise, and she says that I lucked out. I agree – I totally dig sapphires. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and sapphires just GLOW. This brings me to my current manicure, OPI Light My Sapphire.

OPI Light My Sapphire nail polish

OPI Light My Sapphire nail polish

I must have liked this collection – OPI Night Brights, from Fall 2007 – because I have every polish from it. This one is a very deep, almost black, smoky navy shimmer.

Pros: I had no problems with the formula other than the dry time being a bit slow. Easy three-coater, and it could have been fine with two. I love me some almost-black vampy shades, and this one fits the bill, except…

Cons: You can’t tell it’s not black unless you’re in full sunlight…I mean, I know it’s not black, but that’s not enough for me.

You know, when I show a guy a dark purple manicure and he’s all, “oh, nice black nail polish,” I can begrudgingly accept that – but if one of my best friend comments, “what’s with the black nail polish?” I’ll be a little disappointed. I have one bottle of black polish that I use under cool topcoats, another black with a matte finish, and a third with a nail art brush…I love wearing black, but my nails are always my accent! Not to mention that my friends have good enough color sense that they can always tell what shade I’m wearing on my nails.

When it comes to a nail polish, I will put up with almost any problem if the color is cool enough. I had the exact opposite problem here! This polish was great except that the color wasn’t up to par! OPI Light My Sapphire looks black, not navy. I like the shimmery aspect, but it’s just too darn dark…it doesn’t light any fires for me. I have a dark, disappointing, sneaking suspicion that this one is going to stain, too.

I got this from a product closet as an intern – unless you have a few secret beauty supply stores with low turnover like I do, I doubt you can find it anymore.

Anybody out there have any dark and sexy navy nail polish recommendations for me? How have you all been?


One Response to “OPI Light My Sapphire”

  1. Sara September 18, 2011 at 2:31 PM #

    Question: can you thin nail polish? My nice dark colors from last year are all goopy and sticky. So’s the seche vite.

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