A Plea for (Hair) Help and Advice

19 Sep

I’ve never claimed to know everything about beauty. I love you guys too much to not be honest with you. For heaven’s sake, I told you that I’ve attempted to give myself a Brazilian (and I don’t learn from my mistakes sometimes because I tried that two more times…)! My greatest weakness in the industry, friends, is hair. I have an embarrassing gaping hole in my knowledge about haircare, styling, products, you name it. I do have some limited knowledge! – but it’s not much. I can take care of my own, and I’m pretty lucky that I’m even capable of doing so. But I come to you now seeking advice.

A few months ago, a friend of mine casually dropped a bombshell that one’s hair texture changes every decade or so and that this is totally natural. She said hers was now super curly. I kind of scoffed at her. “There’s NO way,” I said. “My hair’s been like this since I was born. My mom’s hair has always been the same.” My mom has always had straight hair and I got that gene. My hair kind of does what it wants (which is do nothing but lie there), but that’s fine, because I don’t know how to do anything with it anyway.

About two years ago I went through some severe stress, which I don’t think has really stopped since that point. A LOT of my hair fell out, but I’m pleased (and grateful) to report that by now, most of it has grown back, though I didn’t think it ever would. HOWEVER – it seems to have grown back in a different texture.

Guys, what the hell? A lot of my hair is coarser and kind of wavy. How do I deal with this? Do I style the same way (which is not at all)? Is my hair going to be like Kim Kardashian’s (someone say yes)? Is it eventually going to grow in crazy curly like a poodle? What am I supposed to do here? I haven’t been handling this all that well. I’d just been pulling out some of the weird, abnormal hair, but I realized that at least 45% of my hair is like that now so I can’t really get away with that. Please help!

I appreciate any and all advice that you guys can give, and am anxiously awaiting your comments. Thank you.


One Response to “A Plea for (Hair) Help and Advice”

  1. vodkacaviardreams September 30, 2011 at 4:00 PM #

    Its true! my hair used to be super curly, now its more manageable waves. I highly doubt that your hair will get super curly as its not in your genes. Make sure you deep condition your hair to keep it soft, focussing on the coarser areas. but relax, you have naturally gorgeous hair! enjoy it

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