Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Essie Wicked

20 Sep

Hey, gang. I’ve been in an interesting mood lately. I’ve been feeling a strong sense of restlessness. I’m blaming the change of season and maybe some questionable advice that I chose to take recently (but we all live and learn, right?).

On a related note, I’ve been feeling pretty, well, wicked lately. The Sopranos aren’t really helping my case too much (but damn, I love them)! Luckily for me, my Cruella DeVil side really gets a chance to sparkle this time of year – capes, decadent accessories, the occasional heirloom fur, and (of course!) dark, vampy beauty products.

Essie Wicked is a deep bordeaux shade. It’s based off of the original Chanel Vamp, which was created in the mid ’90s to look like dried blood, but is no longer in production. Wicked is super sassy and ultra sexy, especially on short nails. It’s hard for me to get my nails very short – something to do with my nail bed – but I kind of like how my nails turned out…

Essie Wicked nail polish

Essie Wicked nail polish

Pros: I kid you not, even if you are shopping at a Duane Reade that has only maybe fifteen Essie options, this will be one of the colors they have. It’s a very popular shade and it’s always in stock. I found it very easy to apply. It’s a great way to get a cult color that’s no longer available (it was what Uma Thurman wore in Pulp Fiction!) if you’re into that – I am! Looks great on all skin tones with all outfits. It’s also great on toes!

Cons: I only did two coats because I was afraid that three coats would hide the beauty of the color. As a result, I’m afraid it looks a little patchy. This is also not the most unique color in the world – Revlon makes a Vamp knockoff called Vixen. I haven’t tried it, but Revlon is so hit-or-miss. Anyway, no complaints otherwise.

Sexy, right? I feel so powerful in shades like this. You can find Essie Wicked pretty much anywhere that sells Essie polishes, like I said, but has it here.

Do you have this one? It’s definitely a staple in the nail polish wardrobe, in my opinion. What do you think?


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