What’s Cooler than Being Cool? – Rohto Arctic Eye Drops

13 Oct

As I’ve been mentioning non-stop on this blog, I recently was a bridesmaid in and a makeup artist for the wedding of one of my closest friends. Before I left for Roanoke, I bought a new product, which proved to be indispensable.

But I have to say, guys – my gal Coco (Chanel) wasn’t kidding when she said you’ve got to suffer to be beautiful.

I first heard about Rohto eye drops in beauty vlogger Michelle Phan‘s popular Lady Gaga Bad Romance YouTube tutorial. I’m always on the hunt for something to make the whites of my eyes (sclerae!) brighter, and when Visine isn’t pulling its weight in that department – though you have to admit, it can do a lot of different things – you want something that can. We all stay up late, staring at computers, doing whatever, and get red eyes. My contacts make my eyes really red, but I am far too stubborn to wear my glasses. (Hey, I don’t want to sacrifice peripheral vision!) I did a little googling, and this blogger, Your Every Woman, said that the Rohto eye drops hurt. A lot. I was unfazed. Since you guys know I’m willing to put myself through a great deal of physical pain for beauty, I went out that day and picked up a bottle.

Rohto Arctic eye drops

Rohto Arctic eye drops (picture courtesy of travellady.com)

I chose Rohto Arctic, because that was the one that Michelle used in her video, but to be honest, I couldn’t really see much of a difference between the two boxes. It cost about six dollars – same as Visine – at my local drugstore, and it even had an instant $2 off coupon attached to the front. I waited until that night to use it.

I was glad I did. I put a drop in each eye and it was AS IF I HAD CLIMBED MOUNT EVEREST WITHOUT GOGGLES. I’m not sure where the readers of this blog live, but for those of you with distinct seasons, imagine winter. Now imagine really a windy, cold winter, and that you are walking into the wind. And that your eyes are tearing, and how cold those tears are streaking down your face. That is Rohto Arctic. These eyedrops are like having the coldest and worst part of winter in your eyeballs. And you’re going to feel like that for at least 45 seconds.

But when I opened my eyes, they were much, much brighter. And I was really awake! A few minutes later and I kind of wanted to do it again! (Clearly, I am a glutton for beauty punishment.)

I was glad I brought them with me on my bridal excursion to Roanoke. The bride had very red eyes this weekend before the wedding, probably due to lack of sleep. I had been telling her all about Rohto Arctic before I had arrived – how great the product worked – but how it hurt, and she said she would never try them. Hours before the ceremony, however, the tables had turned, and she was cursing as I was applying drops to each eye.

And then, later, asking me for the brand name so she could recommend it to her new husband.

Pros: They work really, really well, are easy to find, and are inexpensive.

Cons: They hurt like you wouldn’t imagine. This wears off, though. And then look at how pretty you are! Also, put your makeup on after the drops, because as soon as you put them in you’re going to cry like you did when you heard that Stabler left Law and Order: SVU. And wait to put your contacts in until after you’ve used the drops.

Interested in torturing your eyes into beautiful submission? Check out your local drugstore or pharmacy, or find Rohto Arctic here at drugstore.com.

Have you tried these? You totally should! They don’t hurt that badly. C’mooonnnn, you know you want to try them.


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