OPI Warm and Fozzie

5 Dec

Hey gang! I hope you’ve been staying bundled up wherever you are – or maybe you haven’t had to. The weather has been truly bizarre here in New York – really cold in the morning and at night, and about 50 degrees during the day! – and yet I still managed to get sick. Typical.

Either way, I’m really excited to share this nail polish color with you guys. It’s another member of the OPI Muppets Collection, and it’s perfect for the holiday season. Meet OPI Warm and Fozzie!

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Honestly, if you only get one color from OPI‘s Muppets collaboration (though Excuse Moi! is fabulous!), make it this one. There’s much more to this shade than meets the eye. Sure, it may appear to be a simple bronze nail polish…

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Do you see that?! (Besides the tipwear, which is totally my fault – this is after a WEEK of wear with no chips, lots of abuse to my hands, and two days without topcoat!) Warm and Fozzie is totally shifty. And by that, I mean it has total duochrome tendencies. It shifts to a pinkish bronze and a greenish bronze depending on the light, both of which you can see here, but takes on an overall brownish-bronze shade. The appearance of the polish is that of a foil on the nail (but I didn’t find that it really applied like one).

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Pros: I don’t have any bronze colors in my collection that are as unique as Warm and Fozzie. It held up very, very well in terms of wear. Oh, by the way – did I not already mention it’s awesome?!

Cons: Minor con – took three coats, which is a little weird for a foil, at least in my experience. Don’t let that keep you from buying it – Warm and Fozzie is a-mazing.

I’ll be wearing this several times into the holiday season – it’s a way better alternative to red nail polish for parties! If you’re interested in cuddling up to OPI Warm and Fozzie, act fast, because it’s limited edition. Check OPI‘s website to find an OPI retailer near you.

Anyone pick up any beauty goodies during Black Friday or Cyber Monday that I need to hear about!? I actually reigned in my credit card and shopping addiction, and didn’t buy ANYTHING on either day, but I’d love to hear about your purchases! Let me know in the comments!


3 Responses to “OPI Warm and Fozzie”

  1. Agatha Wells (@Tygrlylie) December 13, 2011 at 6:00 PM #

    Ooh I really love this color! Tried to find it in Rite Aid last night, but alas, it must have sold out already. I did, however, find a new (or new to me) brand of nail polish called Borghese Rapido in Siena. Googling for it, this is the best I could find to show it, but there is a pic of it about a quarter of the way down the page: http://www.scrangie.com/2011/07/borghese-rapido-fast-dry-nail-lacquer.html. I don’t normally go for browns, but seeing your experiments with this polish made me decide to try something new!

    Also: I’ve been meaning to ask how you prep your nails for polish? You always have the polish applied so evenly, and it seems to be just a bit away from the wick of the nail. Do you use little nail stickers or something?

    • makeup maestra December 15, 2011 at 1:50 AM #

      hey aggie! yeah – the muppet collection is by no means easy to find because it’s SO DARN COOL. do you have any beauty specialty stores where you are? or you could go to a salon and see if they have it. as a last resort, order it off of amazon from a distributor. the reason OPI (and essie, for that matter) are so hard to find is because they’ve refused to have any online retailers and very few…normal? retailers, so i’m pretty sure if anyone sells those brands online and gets caught, they get slammed legally by their respective corporations (COTY and l’oreal respectively, nothing to sneeze at).

      i’m glad i inspired you to try a new shade! how was the formula? scrangie didn’t seem to like it – i’m a big fan of hers and she’s pretty spot on. i only have one borghese polish (stellare notte, swatched here on polishaholic), so i don’t have a really good sample pool 🙂

      oh man. technique. let me tell you – this takes a lot of practice. i’ve been painting my own nails for a while, but only regularly (i have my nails constantly painted) for the past two or so years. and it’s still not always perfect. i would eventually like to do a how-to video, but:

      if your nail surface is ‘eh,’ buff them out.
      always apply base coat.
      wipe half the polish off your brush, but leave the other side (your applying side) fully loaded.
      YOU CAN: start three quarters down the nail, close to the cuticle, with a fat bead of polish on your brush.
      PUSH the bead towards your cuticle, and then pick your brush back up to drag the polish back down towards the tip of your nail.
      OR: just go for it, and start painting, with a little space between your nail and your cuticle.
      let your nails dry a little bit between coats!

      the main goal is to avoid polish welling in the cuticle at the base and sides of your nails…trust me, it takes a lot of practice. but this is why the OPI brush is so wonderful – i have very small hands (and nails), so the brush manages to cover nearly an entire nail with one swipe.

      i looked for some youtube videos to explain better, but there aren’t really many helpful ones. it’s called the gap technique (v-gap is something different). please let me know how your next manicure works out! and sorry for ranting!

  2. Agatha Wells (@Tygrlylie) December 15, 2011 at 11:40 PM #

    hey emily! thanks for these extensive instructions–actually, i think they were pretty clear, and i think i have a good image of what you’re talking about. i am still impressed, though, that it’s just practice, and not the aid of any extra “tools,” that gets you such great results! i have never used a base coat, however, so that was a good point–i will have to go find one. i do usually use a top coat, though.

    actually it’s funny you say that your friend wasn’t a big fan of the borghese rapido, because i wasn’t so sure i liked it either! well, i like the final color, but it literally took me at least four coats to get it that opaque, and even then, for some reason the whites of my nails still looked like they weren’t covered in polish, perhaps just because the formula is so translucent. funny, because it doesn’t look that way in the bottle.

    my mom is a big ORLY fan, so i think i might get her that Luxe for christmas…

    thanks again for the tips! i always enjoy reading your dedicated cosmetic research! and i think a video, by the way, would be a great idea–i love using youtube when i can’t figure out how to do a certain hairstyle or something–the visual is so helpful.

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