China Glaze Frosty and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure

22 Dec

Happy holidays, readers! This week marked the start of Hanukkah and Christmas is just around the bend – so, of course, I have another holiday manicure for you.

Flake glitter nail polishes are booming in popularity right now, including Essie‘s Shine of the Times from their Holiday 2011 Luxeffects Collection. It looks like there’s even going to be a flake topcoat in the upcoming China Glaze/Hunger Games collaboration, and that shade will be called Luxe and Lush. The great thing about flakies is their transformative power – they totally change the look of whatever shade you happen to be wearing beneath. I saw tons of looks floating around the internet with flake polishes over frosty white, so what better colors to use than China Glaze Frosty and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure?

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure over China Glaze Frosty nail polish

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure over China Glaze Frosty nail polish

This is one of my favorite combos that I’ve applied in a while! It’s extremely glimmery – to me, it looks like snow that’s frozen over. It’s hard to capture in a photograph, but the iridescence of the flakes add a lovely dimension to the white shimmer polish. And for some reason, this manicure has been pretty much bulletproof. I’ve worn it for over a week with no tipwear or chips.

I have to say, however, that the manicure was tedious to apply, and the blame goes to Frosty – it took six thick coats to reach opacity. There are two coats of Hidden Treasure on here and my only complaint about its application is that it dried a little bit gritty (which is nothing a little Seche Vite can’t fix).

Both of these shades were limited edition, but you can find Hidden Treasure‘s twin in Essie‘s Shine of the Times. It’s available here at Image Beauty, or try an Ulta near you.

What do you think, readers? Does this look make you hope someone will surprise you with a bottle of flake glitter topcoat this holiday season?


Orly Luxe and Color Club Orna-Minted

15 Dec

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, gang! I know I said that Warm and Fozzie was a great choice for all your winter social events, but I’ve got to show you this baby. After all, it’s one of my favorite nail polishes of all time. With an intro like that, how can you resist?

Orly Luxe nail polish

Orly Luxe nail polish

Meet Orly Luxe! You may remember that I wrote about her rose gold sister, Rage, a little while back. Along with their third sister, silver Shine, they are all totally stunning – and my (not-so-secret) easy way to jazz up an outfit. Just like your jewelry, these shades go with everything. Like greige, they’re the perfect neutral polish, but way more fab. They’re equally amazing with jeans and a blazer as they are with your holiday Little Black Dress. Plus, unless you work in finance or something equally suffocating (sorry?), I can see you getting away with these bad boys in the workplace.

Orly Luxe nail polish

Orly Luxe nail polish

I try not to pick favorites, but Luxe is actually my go-to of the three shades. Surprising, as I never wear gold jewelry – but the polish looks so clean and bright, does it not? It doesn’t even need a topcoat, and in fact, I prefer the finish without one – it gives more of a realistic “brushed metal” jewelry effect.

But I kind of wanted to take it to the next level.

I had a holiday party to attend last weekend and was in a crazy rush to get out of the house. And by that, I mean I had twenty minutes to get dressed, put on my makeup, switch purses, and leave. Oh, and I wanted to add a glitter topcoat to my nails. Color Club Orna-Minted handled the pressure well – and added a little surprise to the frenzy before the festivities.

Color Club Orna-Minted nail polish

Color Club Orna-Minted nail polish

As I applied a liberal coat of Orna-Minted glitter topcoat to my ring fingers, I smelled something. And it wasn’t nail polish. It was like Orbit Sweet Mint chewing gum…which has never happened to me while applying nail polish before. I was kind of afraid that I was having an olfactory hallucination, but I didn’t have time to worry about it. I did keep sniffing my nails like a weirdo. FOR TWO DAYS. (By then, I had checked and found out that Orna-Minted is a part of Color Club‘s Scent-suous Collection for this holiday season.) The scent was very strong – in a pleasant way – and lasted even under a thick coat of Seche Vite! I was impressed. The glitter is not typical, which is what drew me to purchasing it at all (I have enough silver glitter topcoats by now). The glitter shapes alternate between small glitter and large, emerald cut pieces – it looks like a bottle of diamonds!

Pros: This is, to be blunt, a bad ass manicure. Yeah, I said it. They’re total Beyoncé nails. They’re also pretty much like Kryptonite in terms of lasting power. Orly Luxe is opaque in two coats. If you’re into scented nail polish, Color Club Orna-Minted is a great one! Not only is the polish itself durable, it lasts a long time scent-wise, with a very pleasant smell to boot. Oh yeah, and this combo is super festive!

Cons: Not the most convenient removal process. Foils are definitely easier to remove than glitters, but I still use the glitter removal technique shown in this post to cut the time I’m chilling with the acetone. The glitter polish was not great to remove, especially the larger pieces. Still – worth it!

Interested in picking up Orly Luxe? You can find it here on Ulta‘s website. I got my bottle of Color Club Orna-Minted at Sally Beauty.

What do you think, readers? Is this not a great alternative to plain red or (shudder) a French manicure for the holidays? It’d look great holding a Champagne flute! Am I right?

OPI Warm and Fozzie

5 Dec

Hey gang! I hope you’ve been staying bundled up wherever you are – or maybe you haven’t had to. The weather has been truly bizarre here in New York – really cold in the morning and at night, and about 50 degrees during the day! – and yet I still managed to get sick. Typical.

Either way, I’m really excited to share this nail polish color with you guys. It’s another member of the OPI Muppets Collection, and it’s perfect for the holiday season. Meet OPI Warm and Fozzie!

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Honestly, if you only get one color from OPI‘s Muppets collaboration (though Excuse Moi! is fabulous!), make it this one. There’s much more to this shade than meets the eye. Sure, it may appear to be a simple bronze nail polish…

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Do you see that?! (Besides the tipwear, which is totally my fault – this is after a WEEK of wear with no chips, lots of abuse to my hands, and two days without topcoat!) Warm and Fozzie is totally shifty. And by that, I mean it has total duochrome tendencies. It shifts to a pinkish bronze and a greenish bronze depending on the light, both of which you can see here, but takes on an overall brownish-bronze shade. The appearance of the polish is that of a foil on the nail (but I didn’t find that it really applied like one).

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

OPI Warm and Fozzie nail polish

Pros: I don’t have any bronze colors in my collection that are as unique as Warm and Fozzie. It held up very, very well in terms of wear. Oh, by the way – did I not already mention it’s awesome?!

Cons: Minor con – took three coats, which is a little weird for a foil, at least in my experience. Don’t let that keep you from buying it – Warm and Fozzie is a-mazing.

I’ll be wearing this several times into the holiday season – it’s a way better alternative to red nail polish for parties! If you’re interested in cuddling up to OPI Warm and Fozzie, act fast, because it’s limited edition. Check OPI‘s website to find an OPI retailer near you.

Anyone pick up any beauty goodies during Black Friday or Cyber Monday that I need to hear about!? I actually reigned in my credit card and shopping addiction, and didn’t buy ANYTHING on either day, but I’d love to hear about your purchases! Let me know in the comments!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! I’ve been putting off posting because the weather (and sunlight) have been absolutely abysmal here in New York, but the sun has finally poked its head out just in time for me to post on one of the best American holidays of the year.

Today I have for you a very seasonally-appropriate shade of bronze, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny. This shade was a collaboration with designer Tracy Reese for New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this fall.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny

I showed it to a friend, who said, “I love that! It reminds me of a shiny penny!” I laughed and said, “Good, because that’s actually the name.” I have to say, it’s not often that colors are so accurately named. (To be honest, this shade reminds me more of copper tubing, but that is by no means a charming name for a nail polish.)

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny

Pros: This is two coats – if I had applied thickly, and at the cost of dry time, I might have been able to get away with one. This is also into several days of wear, treating my hands pretty roughly. And let us not forget the fabulous Sally Hansen CSM brush.

Cons: Some metallics have brush stroke issues. If this polish had a different kind of brush, brush strokes would be extremely noticeable. There are minor flaws with this one. Not enough to keep me from wearing it!

I found mine at my local Duane Reade on a counter display. I picked it up about a month ago, but I’ve been seeing it for a while now – it seems to be the least popular color. Not sure why – it’s a beauty! (Say that in an Australian accent.)

Enjoy the day, readers, no matter who you’re spending it with.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

18 Nov

As Kermit says, it’s not easy being green.

He’s right.

I’ve always found that it’s a lot easier being teal.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish

Not unlike its holiday collection compatriate, Essie‘s School of Hard Rocks is gemstone themed, but I like this group of polish’s interesting twist on bling. There was only one red and the rest of the shades were all muted. A more refined way to bring on the holiday cheer, perhaps? I’m surprised – I see teal as more of a fall color than winter, but the rest of the shades in the collection definitely transition well between both seasons. Either way, while the color was enjoyable…

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish close up

It was not easy to photograph, due to NYC’s icky weather as of late! This second picture is more accurate. This is definitely a dusty teal shade, almost a blue sage, if that makes any sense to you.

Pros: Definitely a unique shade in my collection. As I acquire more teals, I still don’t have any like this! The dry time was also pretty solid on this one.

Cons: I hate the Essie brush. It doesn’t aid in application at all – every time I use Essie after using OPI, Orly or China Glaze, I think there’s something wrong with the polish. There isn’t – it’s the brush!

Grab it before it’s gone – it’s limited edition! Your local drugstore should have it, or you can find it here on Nordstrom‘s website. Have you tried this one? How do you feel about teal?

OPI Excuse Moi!

14 Nov

Hey gang – I know it’s been a while, and for that I do apologize. We have much to catch up on. I’ve gotten some great questions in my absence, figured out some exciting techniques (always learning!), and acquired some awesome new products. I do truly regret not posting on Halloween, and have gotten some requests to post my look, so I will probably backpost that if I figure out how to do that – or just post it a month late! (I will say that I scared myself applying the first part of my face.)

SO – about awesome new products. You may have – must have – all heard about the new Muppets collection for OPI! I am a major Muppets fan and have been since I was a wee one, so I knew it was a lineup that I couldn’t pass on. I plan on going back for more, but I totally snagged THE best one in the bunch, the Miss Piggy-inspired Excuse Moi!

OPI Excuse Moi! nail polish

To be honest, I am often hesitant about applying glitter nail polish – we all know they’re a huge pain to get off (check out this how-to guide I wrote to make the glitter polish removal process easier), but once I actually slap it on, I’m all…glitter, please don’t leave me. And you know how I said recently that I’m not super into pink nail polish, particularly as a manicure? Well, for this shade, I can make an exception, because damn. (I hope you heard that in your head narrated by Will Smith in ‘Men In Black,’ because that’s how I heard it in mine. Okay, let’s continue.)

OPI Excuse Moi! Nail Polish

OPI Excuse Moi! nail polish close up

Dude, look at this! This nail polish is like Elle Woods meets 1980s Elton John. And I have no problem with that. (In fact, I’m all about it.) I honestly don’t think you can deny the fabulosity of this nail polish. This raspberry-colored glitterbomb is a microglitter base studded with larger hexagonal glitter flakesraspberry, iridescent, and the occasional green, probably for Kermit!

Pros: TWO COATS. Glitters almost always take more than two coats to look this awesome. I could have applied three, but I don’t want to tempt the nail polish removal gods.

Cons: You might be able to guess that this polish feels as gritty as all hell. I don’t really mind, to be honest, and I think that’s kind of cool. You can fix that with liberal coats of Seche.

To be honest, you’re not going to have the easiest time finding this nail polish, but if you want it need it gotta have it, I would try after checking out your local OPI retailer – visit to find yours!

What do you think? I know a few people who are going to need this after seeing these pictures! I also know a few people who are definitely going to pass. Which one of those people are you?

I missed you! Each one of you. Don’t believe otherwise.

Essie Brooch the Subject

19 Oct

My nails and I don’t really like to play by the rules, but sometimes, you have to behave yourself. I recently had a business meeting and I wasn’t totally sure if it’d be okay to let my personality shine through on my fingertips, so I decided to play it safe with a member of Essie‘s Winter 2011 collection, Brooch the Subject.

Essie Brooch the Subject nail polish

Essie Brooch the Subject nail polish

I like this color! I didn’t expect to as I was applying it, as it’s not an identical match for my skintone (this picture makes it seem a little closer than it actually is), but it’s just the right nude: doesn’t make my skin look sickly or red at all – it’s actually quite flattering!

Pros: Flattering shade, if it’s close in color to your skintone, it’ll make your fingers look long and thin – just like a pair of nude pumps! For some reason, I really think Kim Kardashian would like this nail polish. Not sure why.

Cons: I had a lot of trouble with application with this shade. It was much thicker and gloppier than I’m accustomed to with Essie, which was disappointing. It took three aggravating coats. I didn’t apply a top coat and I have a small chip after three days – but that’s my fault.

What do you think? Will you be picking this one up, or any of the others from the Essie Winter 2011 collection? It’s hard to find online at present, but should be available in many of your local salons and Essie retailers soon!

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