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Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

25 Jan

I’ve found that when packaging is especially adorable, the contents can disappoint. So far I haven’t found that to be true with Anna Sui products, and I’m happy to show you all a new one – Nail Color N 904! How did this one hold up to the test? Read on and find out!

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904 - so cute!!!

This was a gift from a friend and I squealed with delight upon opening the box – wouldn’t you? A polish bottle in the shape of a dress form?! Not to mention it’s a gorgeous shade of green. I often don’t buy greens myself – I only have one or two that I really like and I’ve managed to pick others that were very unflattering – so I was happy to receive such a pretty one.

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

When I started painting my nails, I found that the shape of the brush was very easy to work with – like a firmer OPI. The polish fumes were also far less noxious than usual, and I realized that this is because the lacquer is scented with roses. (Can you believe I’ve had two surprise scented polishes in the span of about a month?) It dried insanely fast. And the best part was that it looked flawless with only two coats! It was a really quick manicure – maybe fifteen minutes tops. I had a great time applying this polish.

Until I messed it up.

To be fair, it wasn’t my fault. The culprit, to my great disappointment?

Seche Vite!

The only thing that I felt this lacquer lacked was serious shine upon application, which is common in quick-dry colors, so I was excited to slap a layer of topcoat on top. Unfortunately, this formula didn’t react well with Seche Vite, causing polish shrinkage – a major bummer. You can see it on the tips and the sides. HOWEVER! This will not keep me from wearing this polish – I’ll just have to get Anna Sui’s topcoat! I’m sure that this wouldn’t happen with their own formula – or I’ll experiment with other topcoats of mine.

And for those of you who don’t use topcoat, this issue won’t even bother you!

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

Anna Sui Nail Color N 904

So, to recap:

Pros: Awesome brush, won’t choke you to death with its scent (in fact, I could smell the roses days later), very fast drying, perfectly opaque in two coats.

Cons: Doesn’t play well with Seche Vite. The brush was a little unwieldy, but I got over that pretty easily – I’ve used worse.

Want to try it for yourself? Find a location here on Anna Sui’s website, or call to order from the NYC store (212-941-8406). Ask for Monique or Shari!

What do you think, readers? Definitely pretty, don’t you think? Have you ever experienced shrinkage?


Product Spotlight: Anna Sui Lip Tint

14 Sep

Happy Wednesday, readers! I am feeling an intense need for a nap right about now, but there is just way too much to be done. (Don’t you HATE when that happens?)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full force here in New York, and this evening, I have the great fortune to be attending the Anna Sui show! I’m looking forward to going and checking out the random assortment of celebs that attend – for the Anna Sui Fall 2011 RTW show that I went to in February, Karen Elson, Fergie, and Vanessa Hudgens were all there. How’s that for an interesting (read: odd) mix?

Anna Sui Lip Tint

Anna Sui Lip Tint box

At any rate, I thought I’d share an Anna Sui product with you today in honor of the show. I’m quite fond of it, and one of my oldest and closest friends gave it to me.

Anna Sui Lip Tint

Anna Sui Lip Tint packaging

Anna Sui Lip Tint is a sheer balm with a glossy finish that goes on clear and gradually changes from natural to hot pink, depending on your body temperature. I’m not going to try to trick you by saying that Anna Sui Lip Tint is an innovative product and that there’s nothing like it on the market. That is by no means the case. I will tell you, however, that it was one of the first of its kind. I’ve had this product for at least eight years, if not longer – and the packaging of the competing products, which include Smashbox‘s O-Gloss, Too Faced‘s Mood Swing, and Dior‘s Lip Glow, isn’t nearly as beautiful to have sitting out on your vanity. Once the gloss wears off, you are left with a pretty pink stain.

Me wearing Anna Sui Lip Tint

Me wearing Anna Sui Lip Tint

I have only a few complaints with Anna Sui Lip Tint – the first being that this product is rather sticky, which means it’s not so fun to apply with a finger. If you don’t clean said finger right after application, it will be stained pink. Finally, if your lips are a little flaky, be prepared for those flakes to be hot pink!

Interested in Anna Sui Lip Tint? I’m not going to send you to the Anna Sui website, because it’s impossible to navigate. I recommend that you go to an Anna Sui store instead. There’s only one USA location – it’s in New York City, 113 Greene Street (at Spring) in Soho.

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