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Pink Friday – A Comparison

30 Jan

Happy Monday, readers! I considered waiting until Friday to post this (for semi-obvious reasons), but I have it now, so why put it off?

Nicki Minaj, image via hiphopmvp.com

Nicki Minaj, image via hiphopmvp.com

Having a music degree under my belt, I’m a big fan of music in pretty much all of its forms. It’s pretty cool for me when beauty and music mix, say, in themed collections, but I especially love when a musician collaborates with a beauty brand. So when one of my favorite musicians, Nicki Minaj, rapped about MAC and OPI on Drake‘s “Make Me Proud,” hinting at a collab, I got a little excited. I love a female performer who absolutely gives it her all and doesn’t give a damn if people have a problem with her, whether it’s in the form of her music, foul mouth, or personal style. Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga both capture this perfectly, or at least in my opinion, without seeming manufactured. (I especially respect Lady Gaga because she writes all of her own music herself; the jury’s still out on Nicki.)

I may have mentioned here on the blog that I stayed up really late with many browsers open on the MAC website in order to get the limited release “Pink Friday” lipstick that MAC and Nicki collaborated on, so when she produced an OPI shade with the same name, I knew it had to be mine.

OPI PInk Friday Nail Polish

OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish

Here’s OPI Pink Friday, after five full days of wear with no topcoat. It’s basically a trooper of a polish. This is only two coats! They’re thick ones, I’ll admit, and I had a little bit of bubbling, but that was my fault for not waiting long enough between coats.

OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish

OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish

If you’re a regular pink polish wearer, which I am not, you’ll probably find that you have similar shades to this one in your collection. This is by no means a unique color – I mean, bubblegum pink? But hoarders know what they want. And it’s the matching set. OR IS IT?!

OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish and MAC Pink Friday Lipstick

OPI Pink Friday Nail Polish and MAC Pink Friday Lipstick

I love matching. Not mani to pedi, because it is no longer 1987, but I’ll often match my lipstick to my pants/shorts/etc. (You can thank J.Crew for this.) Or nails to purse. I get a lot of pleasure out of tracking down the perfectly coordinating color – it’s deeply satisfying. (I once read as an impressionable middle schooler that Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham matched her nails to her beverages, and this was totally confusing. Even now, I don’t understand it. Anyone willing to clear this up in the comments?) I don’t match my lipstick to my nails, but I DO need to have both of these items. And mostly, because I needed to know if they matched.

It was close, but not quite. The elusive MAC Pink Friday lipstick is bluer and brighter than the polish, which is what makes it so crazy looking (why I don’t wear it often – that, and it’s limited edition and looks exactly like St. Germain).

But when have I ever had a problem with looking crazy?

Pink Friday lipstick and nail polish comparison

MAC Pink Friday lipstick vs. MAC Pink Friday nail polish, headphone earmuffs by Juicy Couture

What do you think? Are you a Nicki Minaj fan? Would you try this nail polish? Or a lipstick like Pink Friday, its sibling, St. Germain? And how do you feel about my completely ridiculous Juicy Couture earmuff headphones?!


MAC Mattene Lipstick – Seeds of Desire

4 Oct

So I may have spoken too soon about the whole “FALL IS SUPER AWESOME!” thing.

It is, of course, super awesome! I’ve been wearing scarves and cardigans, wiggled into a pair of stockings the other evening, and my beloved camel cape has been calling at me from the closet. But there is a major downfall to fall. I forgot how cold it is at night. And I haven’t put my electric blanket on my bed yet (oy vey, I just admitted to that geriatric predilection in writing), so I have been tucking my pajama pants into my socks (again! I am really sexy sometimes). Tea helps, but one can only drink so much tea before they feel like they’re going to float away.

Gee, I’m getting really crotchety in my mid-twenties.

But you know what is great about fall? Animal print. And believe me when I say it is everywhere. I officially have a leopard print everything in my closet, and go wherever you want with that, because I’m done elaborating. In my mind, MAC‘s new and limited edition Mattene lipstick in Seeds of Desire is the perfect pairing to all that leopard print, especially for us brown-eyed girls out there (with brown hair).

MAC Seeds of Desire Mattene Lipstick

MAC Seeds of Desire Mattene Lipstick

Seeds of Desire is a member of MAC‘s Fall 2011 Posh Paradise campaign, and is described on MAC‘s website as a “deep brown plum.” I’d call it more of a “rich mahogany” myself.

Me wearing MAC Seeds of Desire Mattene Lipstick

Me wearing MAC Seeds of Desire Mattene Lipstick

Unlike its littermate Potent Fig, Seeds of Desire went on extremely smoothly with no skipping and lasted for at least five hours, which is when I took it off to try on another product. I didn’t eat much while wearing this shade, but I’ve eaten major meals while wearing other Mattenes and they wear off very evenly, to the point that I’m not totally concerned with reapplication. This shade in particular leaves a beautiful stain. Fully applied or worn down, Seeds of Desire would look wonderful on just about anyone. As I also mentioned in my post about Potent Fig, though the formula and finish is technically matte, MAC has definitely changed how they make Mattenes. These lipsticks are not nearly as drying as they used to be, and my lips are definitely not parched like they once were after wearing this product. If you want a moisturizing matte lipstick, this is as close as you’re ever going to get in my book.

As I think they do to deliberately annoy me, MAC has made this (like so many others!) collection of Mattenes limited edition – including Seeds of Desire – so check them out here until they’re gone on MAC’s website, or check your local Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Saks, Bloomingdale’s…

Are you digging this lipstick? Who else loves leopard print?! And who else – fess up – has an electric blanket and loves it? I know someone out there does. Don’t lie. A lie of omission is just as bad. Come on, guys.

MAC Mattene Lipstick – Potent Fig

3 Oct

Happy Monday, readers! Can you feel it? It’s really fall outside! That’s my favorite part about my birthday – it truly kicks summer to the curb and brings the crisp autumn weather out from wherever it’s been hiding.

The gifts help, too.

To share with you today, I have one of the many beauty-related birthday presents I received last week – MAC Mattene in Potent Fig. Mattene lipsticks are part of the Posh Paradise collection and are limited edition, so if any of the colors I show on the blog intrigue you, snap them up. I had a few in high school and I have to say – MAC really improved the formula. These are much smoother, creamier, and moisturizing than they used to be. As a matte lipstick, they’re still drying, but they last a long time without making the wearer suffer, which is something to celebrate.

MAC Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick

MAC Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick

I have been on the search for the perfect purple cream lipstick for a while now. You know, something that shouts “purple!” without looking like I chugged a bottle of wine or have joined any covens. And I mean a true purple – no burgundy, no wine, no mauve – so while it’s a lovely shade, Dolce and Gabbana Amethyst is out of the running. I have my lilacs and lavenders covered for the most part, but a true purple has been missing from my collection.

MAC Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick

Me wearing MAC Potent Fig Mattene Lipstick

I am sorry to report that while this is a very pretty color, it is not for me – or at least not for regular wear. Not only does this Mattene make me look like I’m on trial in Salem, Massachusetts circa 1692, Potent Fig doesn’t boast the fabulous ease of application that its release siblings do. I had no troubles with the other Mattene shades I received, but this one didn’t didn’t apply nearly as evenly or smoothly.

That’s not to say that someone out there somewhere won’t like Potent Fig. I didn’t hate this! Because I promise, I’ll let you know if I hate something. It’s just not what I wanted out of the product. If you have a darker skintone, I’m sure this lipstick will look much better on you (if you don’t mind the application issues of this particular color too much). It did leave a very pretty stain after I wiped it off, as all the Mattenes have. And it’d be wonderful for many Halloween costumes (but not mine…I’ll let you know soon)!

My search for the perfect creamy purple continues…

You can find MAC Mattene lipsticks, including Potent Fig, here for a limited time. What do you think of this color? Do you know of any purple lipstick shades that I might like? Please let me know in the comments!

Product Spotlight: MAC Kohl Power Feline Eyeliner

27 Sep

It should be fairly evident to you all by now that I buy a lot of makeup. Surprisingly, however, I nearly never purchase backups. There are a few discontinued items that I am kicking myself for not doing this with, but generally, I find that I have enough products to keep me going – besides, there are always new things coming out!

Today, I’d like you to meet MAC Feline eyeliner. I have two – one’s a backup! Let me state here and now that you need this, and though it is limited edition, it is a current (September/October 2011) rerelease on MAC’s site. You can find it HERE!

Okay – so now that you have it in your shopping cart, let me tell you why you need to check out the goods.

This sucker is the blackest freaking eyeliner I have ever used in my life. I can’t wait to get my claws into Urban Decay‘s 24/7 in Perversion to do a comparison (it is KILLING me that they haven’t released the full size for individual sale, but this set has the mini for those, like me, who are interested), but they might as well have called this eyeliner Black Hole. I have brown eyes, and this eyeliner makes an impressively stark contrast. The pencil is also exceptionally creamy and smoothno tugging, not ever, and it lines the waterline like a dream.

If you are into a more grungy/punky/laissez-faire eyeliner look, then you will absolutely love this liner. It is extremely blendable. Admittedly, I’m not into smudging. This liner smudges very, very easily, which takes major points off in my book, and even more of a pet peeve, prints onto my upper lid almost immediately after application. If that’s not your bag, keeping MAC Feline from moving around is a simple fix – just pat MAC Carbon eyeshadow on top with a liner brush. However, while I don’t like that I have to add another step to my routine when one beauty product should get the job done, I understand that it is kohl, which is much smoother than your standard eye pencil and therefore transfers more easily.

So why then, if the liner moves around so much and makes me use extra steps, do I like MAC Feline so much?

I typically don’t line the waterline. I think it looks great on most people when they do it, but I feel like on me…well, I think it makes me look like a bit of a putana, which is generally not the look I go for in my day-to-day.

But sometimes, a gal just wants to bring sexy back.

MAC Power Khol Feline Eyeliner

Me wearing MAC Power Khol Feline Eyeliner

Buy MAC Feline for a limited time here. Though it’s limited edition, it’s repromoted once or twice a year on average, so you won’t permanently miss out.

What do you think of MAC Feline? Are you a proud owner? Do you have a beauty product that makes you feel like you could take over the world with a good LBD and five inch heels? I have a handful…would you like to see a series on this?

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

13 Sep

Hey readers! It’s Tuesday!

MAC Show Orchid lipstick

MAC Show Orchid lipstick

So I know I keep hinting about my birthday (September 30!), and it just so happens that there’s a MAC release the day before. Crazy, right? But there’s at least one product I won’t be needing from it – MAC Show Orchid lipstick. I have it safely tucked away in my stash.

But you need it.

It may come as no surprise to you that I am the proud owner of many a pink lipstick, but this one stands out in my collection. MAC Show Orchid is a hot pink/fuchsia with an iridescent purple/blue pearl. It has an Amplified finish, which means it has a creamy texture and gives the lip a bit of a sheen. (However, I find this finish far more drying than Satins.) It lasts for at least three hours and wears down to a great, even stain.

MAC Show Orchid lipstick

Me wearing MAC Show Orchid lipstick

MAC Show Orchid is available all year round at PRO stores. Find your closest MAC store by visiting their website here.

Do you have this shade? Do you love it, need it, have to have it? Let me know in the comments!

Top Ten: Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Fall

23 Aug

Apparently, there was an earthquake earlier in NYC and true to form, I am totally oblivious of anything to do with geology or nature.

At any rate, I’m currently in one of my favorite cafés on the Upper West Side drinking iced coffee. Let me tell you – I should have gone with a hot one. It’s FREEZING in here! It seems that no one is clued in to the fact that fall is on its way and the AC is staying cranked everywhere I go. But you know what?

I am beyond ready for fall. Summer is not my jam – I hate mosquitoes, I don’t like hot weather, and New York in summer is particularly disgusting. Besides those reasons, though, I have a top ten for you.

10. My birthday

This is actually a silly reason. I’m not so much into birthdays anymore since I’ve been out of school – especially grade school. I don’t really want that attention. (Remember bringing cupcakes for the whole class? And how you were the hero that day?) But last year, I had a really nice birthday – I spent most of it alone. Maybe this is strange, but I truly value my alone time, and I really enjoyed just walking around and window shopping. The next day I went to my college reunion and spent the weekend singing with old friends from choir. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend. I still appreciate a good Funfetti cake, though.

9. Woodsmoke

I don’t really have access to this smell that often, but it seems to come out the most in fall. (People illegally burning leaves?) It’s one of my favorite scents and I wish I could find an accurate bottled version. Some Demeters come close, but doesn’t quite hit the mark – I’ll have to check out CB I Hate Perfume‘s version.

8. Halloween and Thanksgiving

I’m pretty sure that these two holidays are my favorites out of the whole year. Who doesn’t love Halloween? It gives everyone the opportunity to let their inner crazy out, wear over-the-top makeup and costumes, and get too much free candy. On Thanksgiving, if you’re lucky, you get to see all the family members you haven’t in months and binge eat/drink. (If you don’t like stuffing or mashed potatoes, I don’t know if we can be friends.)

7. Pumpkin Spice lattes

I’m a Starbucks Gold member, which I am both ashamed and proud to admit. My favorite drink, when I can get it, is a latte with Pumpkin Spice syrup. I love pumpkin anything and it happens to be a great combo with coffee. (And when you’re a Gold member, you get a free drink on your birthday!)

6. Fall footwear

There is definitely something to be said about the ease of sandals and how fun it is to flaunt a pretty pedi while wearing them. But my favorite shoes are fall shoes – little flats and oxfords, booties, and pumps in heavier materials. I’m really excited that velvet slippers are trendy this season because I have the perfect pair! Speaking of…

5. Fall fabrics 

I love you, velvet blazer

I love you, velvet blazer. J.Crew Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, picture from polyvore.com

I can’t wait to bust out the tweed and velvet! There’s something so luxurious about fabrics with a heavier weight, and they look so simply refined. (Plus, less ironing.) I got a plum velvet blazer from J.Crew last year and I’m so excited until it’s cool out enough to wear it! And cashmere, brocade, satin…bring it on!

4. Stockings

I jumped on this bandwagon pretty recently (senior year of college), but better late than never! From black opaque to my personal favorite, the elusive backseam stocking, tights can really give your outfit a pick-me-up.

3. Different shades of lipstick

Of course, there are some shades that I wear all year round – MAC Snob and Angel, in particular – but there are certain reds and purples that I wait until fall to add to my rotation. I have no doubt that MAC Dubonnet, a lipstick I bought after seeing it in Black Swan, will make its debut in a few weeks.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop Nail Polish

Soon enough...OPI Ski Teal We Drop

2. Darker and metallic nail polishes

I know it’s perfectly okay to wear these all year round, but it seems like they just mesh better with the fabrics of fall. Sumptuous fabrics call for fancy nails! My fantastic Orly foils, Chanel Paradoxal, and my beloved OPI Ski Teal We Drop are just begging to be used – and I can’t wait!

1. Outerwear

I freaking LOVE coats, jackets, blazers, and, most recently, capes. I am constantly judged and teased for wearing a cape, but I really don’t care. Not only do they look ridiculously fabulous, you can tuck your arms underneath when you’re particularly cold. You can also hide your purse beneath your cape! I actually have three – all different weights, lengths and colors – but my camel-colored one is on my favorite. I can’t wait to wear them with some high heels and stockings.

Okay, I can’t feel my fingers anymore because that’s how cold it is in this café. I should have brought a cape or at least some gloves. But that’s my top ten list of fall favorites – what’s yours? School supplies? Trees changing? Picking apples? Let me know in the comments!

We R Who We R – Ke$ha Concert Beauty Breakdown, Part 1 (Trailer Trash Chic)

22 Aug Close up on my eye

Hey, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend – and that you stayed dry! The weather has been a serious bummer, but luckily, it didn’t totally rain on my parade these past few days. I was fortunate enough to go to a Ke$ha concert this weekend with a friend of mine from college at Jones Beach! I was so psyched to do my makeup for this concert, and ended up doing my friend Katie’s makeup too, so I got to try out two different Ke$ha-inspired looks.

When I think of Ke$ha, lots of different things come to mind. Glitter, for one. Lots of glitter. (At one point during the performance, she said, “I’M NOT WEARING ENOUGH GLITTER!” and someone came out from backstage to apply more.) Grimy, grungy, and trashy all apply, too, though not in a bad way. Katie said I looked like “classy trailer trash,” which I couldn’t have said better myself. When putting on my eyeshadow, I realized that it was starting to look a little Jersey Shore – and I was terrified that I kind of liked it. There’s nothing subtle about what I did with my makeup. Nothing. See for yourself.

Ke$ha Concert Makeup

Ke$ha Concert Makeup!

Here’s another picture where I’m looking down, so you can see the eye makeup better.

Ke$ha Concert Makeup

Ke$ha Concert Makeup, looking down (and sort of suspicious)

I know, seriously intense. I also know that I’ve said strong eye OR strong lip and never both, but this is show makeup – those rules don’t apply for performances, Halloween, or anything like that.

So what did I use? (At the time, I felt as if there was nothing I didn’t use.)

I started with a clean, moisturized face, curled my eyelashes, put on my L’Oreal True Match Foundation, and then applied Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I’ve said in the past that it’s not my favorite, but unlike my beloved Painterly, UDPP is great to use with creamy products. I then smeared MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin on the whole lid, past the crease but not to the browbone. (This product has since been discontinued, but you can try MAC Paint Pot in Blackground – it’s the same idea, and that way you can eliminate using a primer.) Warning: you will be terrified by how much makeup you have on once you complete this step, and this is just the beginning. Ride out the fear!

I then buffed out the edges of the shadestick using my Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge brush. (I don’t use brushes that often, but when it comes to precision, I’ll make an exception.) After this, I dug out a bottle of Visine (the kind that helps with redness) and used it to moisten my brush. For some reason, Visine helps shadows and pigments, especially glittery or shimmery ones, really stick on. I like using shadows wet because it intensifies the shade, but make sure whatever product you try this trick with is wet/dry – I’ve ruined more than a few eyeshadow pans with water.

The first shadow I used was Urban Decay Baked – I applied it to a third of my lid, starting from the inner corner of the eye. I also used it carefully on my lower lid. (If you don’t have the Naked Palette yet, this color is in it and is just one great excuse for the palette purchase!) I made sure that the color was the most intense at the inner corner and faded out into the rest of the lid. Using the same brush with more Visine, I added MAC Solar Bits Pigment in Black Ore, starting where I had left off with Baked, around a third of the way in. This product was limited edition – and kind of difficult to work with if you’re not adding Visine. I’ve never really seen anything else like it, but if I hadn’t used this, I probably would have used NARS Night Series Eyeshadow in Night Clubbing instead.

I lined my waterline (top and bottom) with black eyeliner – you already know that I use Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero, but it’s up to you. This is around the point in my look that I realized I don’t have a legitimate black liquid liner, and became angry with myself. I would have used normal black liquid liner if I had one on hand, but I used a limited edition product from a few holidays ago, Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum Collection Glitter Liner in Licorice. It’s black with green and gold glitter – and not the best quality to be honest. Lots of people make glitter eyeliner if you want to try one; Urban Decay’s is seriously sparkly. I finished with way too much mascara and added extra glitter to the tips of my lashes.

Close up on my eye

Closeup on my eye! (Yes, I wear contacts.)

From here, I added bronzer – MAC‘s Solar Riche, but any bronzer you have will do – to contour my cheekbones, chin, and nose, and a light dusting of NARS Orgasm blush.

Deciding what lipstick to wear was a hard decision. I tried a VERY fair nude, but didn’t like how that looked and MAC St. Germain seemed a little bit overwhelming for the occasion. In the end, I had my friend Katie pick. “I feel like you need something red with that leopard top and dark eyeshadow,” she said, “to complete your trashy look.” I went with Tarte‘s Natural Lip Tint in Lust, though when I got to the concert I wished that I’d brought my MAC Peacocky blue lipgloss – Ke$ha was wearing her signature blue lips! I really didn’t want to leave the house ‘without my lips on,’ and I have a pretty strict “don’t leave the house with a limited edition MAC product” policy, so red lip stain it was. A syrupy red lipgloss would be great too. Or bronze! Which I didn’t think of last night.

Ke$ha Makeup

The final look!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. What do you guys think? Stay tuned for the makeup I used on my friend Katie, whose look was inspired by the concept of a glitter unicorn. No, I’m not kidding.

What did you do this weekend? Was glitter involved? Or umbrellas?

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