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Essie School of Hard Rocks

18 Nov

As Kermit says, it’s not easy being green.

He’s right.

I’ve always found that it’s a lot easier being teal.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish

Not unlike its holiday collection compatriate, Essie‘s School of Hard Rocks is gemstone themed, but I like this group of polish’s interesting twist on bling. There was only one red and the rest of the shades were all muted. A more refined way to bring on the holiday cheer, perhaps? I’m surprised – I see teal as more of a fall color than winter, but the rest of the shades in the collection definitely transition well between both seasons. Either way, while the color was enjoyable…

Essie School of Hard Rocks

Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish close up

It was not easy to photograph, due to NYC’s icky weather as of late! This second picture is more accurate. This is definitely a dusty teal shade, almost a blue sage, if that makes any sense to you.

Pros: Definitely a unique shade in my collection. As I acquire more teals, I still don’t have any like this! The dry time was also pretty solid on this one.

Cons: I hate the Essie brush. It doesn’t aid in application at all – every time I use Essie after using OPI, Orly or China Glaze, I think there’s something wrong with the polish. There isn’t – it’s the brush!

Grab it before it’s gone – it’s limited edition! Your local drugstore should have it, or you can find it here on Nordstrom‘s website. Have you tried this one? How do you feel about teal?


Essie Brooch the Subject

19 Oct

My nails and I don’t really like to play by the rules, but sometimes, you have to behave yourself. I recently had a business meeting and I wasn’t totally sure if it’d be okay to let my personality shine through on my fingertips, so I decided to play it safe with a member of Essie‘s Winter 2011 collection, Brooch the Subject.

Essie Brooch the Subject nail polish

Essie Brooch the Subject nail polish

I like this color! I didn’t expect to as I was applying it, as it’s not an identical match for my skintone (this picture makes it seem a little closer than it actually is), but it’s just the right nude: doesn’t make my skin look sickly or red at all – it’s actually quite flattering!

Pros: Flattering shade, if it’s close in color to your skintone, it’ll make your fingers look long and thin – just like a pair of nude pumps! For some reason, I really think Kim Kardashian would like this nail polish. Not sure why.

Cons: I had a lot of trouble with application with this shade. It was much thicker and gloppier than I’m accustomed to with Essie, which was disappointing. It took three aggravating coats. I didn’t apply a top coat and I have a small chip after three days – but that’s my fault.

What do you think? Will you be picking this one up, or any of the others from the Essie Winter 2011 collection? It’s hard to find online at present, but should be available in many of your local salons and Essie retailers soon!

It’s My Birthday, So I’m Going To Rock It – Orly Rock-It

30 Sep

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been a little MIA as of late. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that I have been trying not to let affect the blog…oh well.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY. I actually don’t like birthdays that much, but I do have a pantload of new things to review for you/show you guys coming up as a result, including new MAC Mattene lipsticks and Matchmaster foundation.

So I had actually planned out my birthday manicure months ago. Clearly I changed my mind, because this bad boy made its timely appearance instead. Everyone, meet Orly Rock-it from the Fall 2011 Mineral FX Collection!

Orly Rock It

Orly Rock-It

How FIERCE is this polish?! I saw it on Scrangie‘s blog a few weeks ago and I knew I had to have it, so I RAN to my local Sally Beauty. I immediately spazzed – they were sold out of the three best colors from the collection. I put my aunt on the case and she found it, along with another color from the collection, Rock Solid (two-fold fabulous, a great color and reminds me of Arrested Development).

This is so much more than a deep pink glitter – it’s a glass fleck, people! Hard to explain, but in my mind, it’s when the glitter seems to sparkle from under a plate of glass. It’s super cool. It’s also got a slight bronze duochrome. Basically, you need this.

Pros: Glass fleck, duochrome, only needed two coats, dried really fast for me (Orly always seems to dry quickly). Unique!

Cons: If you have strong feelings against dark pink on your fingers, you might not like this. I will not judge you for this, as I often prefer unusual base color polishes on my fingers – odd for the gal who counts NARS Schiap in her top five sassy lipsticks.

Orly Rock-It

Orly Rock-It, slightly closer

It’s the hotness, am I right? (You can’t disagree with me today, it’s my birthday.) Mine were found at Sally Hansen, but also look in CVS.

I’ve missed you guys. Sorry I’ve been so absent, I’ll try harder.

Reader Request: Can You Thin Nail Polish?

19 Sep

Happy Monday, friends! Fall has fallen upon us, meaning I’ve really started to bust out the dark nail polishes – and so have my friends! That means a pertinent nail polish question for the ages comes into play.

Sara asked: Can you thin nail polish? My nice dark colors from last year are all goopy and sticky. So’s my Seche Vite.

You certainly can! Here’s my advice to making sure your polish stays as spreadable as the day you bought it.

  1. Store your nail polish in a cool, dark place. I recommend keeping it in a Tupperware in your closet – out of direct sunlight and away from radiators or anything of the sort is the key!
  2. Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often I find that an occasional bottle is slightly open – this makes the polish thick and gunky.
  3. Are the contents separated? This doesn’t mean the polish is no good – roll the bottle between your palms until the colors are blended. Don’t shake! This will cause bubbles in the bottle that will show up on your nails.

If you’re having difficulty doing your manicure because your lacquer has already reached that level of maple syrup thickness on your nails, here’s how you can thin out the texture of your nail polish:

Orly Nail Polish Thinner

Orly Nail Polish Thinner (sallybeauty.com)

DON’T add nail polish remover, though you may have heard this is how to fix your old nail polish. It’s not – it’ll destroy your nail polish, which is bad news for that limited edition color that was so hard to come by. DO, however, add a nail polish thinner, which is specially made for this. Add one drop at a time and then check your progress, because you can always add more – you can never go back! Try this one by Orly – remember, a little goes a long way!

Ahh, the Achilles heel of Seche Viteit gets super thick and very difficult to apply after a few months. I usually just bite the bullet and buy a new bottle after a while, even though it’ll set me back about $7. However, the makers of Seche also have a product called Restore, which does exactly what it says – restores the topcoat. I’m not totally convinced that it brings Seche back to its original greatness, however, which is why I usually just end up purchasing a new bottle. You can check out Restore here on drugstore.com.

Happy painting! Thank you, Sara, for the great question!

OPI Light My Sapphire

12 Sep

Hey readers, happy Monday!

I’m sorry about the mini-hiatus. It’s been a hella strange past few days and I needed a little bit of time to clear my head. Admittedly, I’m not sure my thoughts are any more focused than they were before my break, but I’m back!

It’s September, which means a lot of things – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in New York, pumpkin spice lattés, and as I’ve mentioned before, my birthday! My birthstone is the sapphire. My mom’s birthstone is turquoise, and she says that I lucked out. I agree – I totally dig sapphires. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and sapphires just GLOW. This brings me to my current manicure, OPI Light My Sapphire.

OPI Light My Sapphire nail polish

OPI Light My Sapphire nail polish

I must have liked this collection – OPI Night Brights, from Fall 2007 – because I have every polish from it. This one is a very deep, almost black, smoky navy shimmer.

Pros: I had no problems with the formula other than the dry time being a bit slow. Easy three-coater, and it could have been fine with two. I love me some almost-black vampy shades, and this one fits the bill, except…

Cons: You can’t tell it’s not black unless you’re in full sunlight…I mean, I know it’s not black, but that’s not enough for me.

You know, when I show a guy a dark purple manicure and he’s all, “oh, nice black nail polish,” I can begrudgingly accept that – but if one of my best friend comments, “what’s with the black nail polish?” I’ll be a little disappointed. I have one bottle of black polish that I use under cool topcoats, another black with a matte finish, and a third with a nail art brush…I love wearing black, but my nails are always my accent! Not to mention that my friends have good enough color sense that they can always tell what shade I’m wearing on my nails.

When it comes to a nail polish, I will put up with almost any problem if the color is cool enough. I had the exact opposite problem here! This polish was great except that the color wasn’t up to par! OPI Light My Sapphire looks black, not navy. I like the shimmery aspect, but it’s just too darn dark…it doesn’t light any fires for me. I have a dark, disappointing, sneaking suspicion that this one is going to stain, too.

I got this from a product closet as an intern – unless you have a few secret beauty supply stores with low turnover like I do, I doubt you can find it anymore.

Anybody out there have any dark and sexy navy nail polish recommendations for me? How have you all been?

Orly Rage and OPI Spark de Triomphe

5 Sep

Happy Labor Day, readers! I hope you’re hardly working today, though I know students and employees of my alma mater are busy despite the holiday.

I’m sharing a manicure that I did this weekend, another one of my top ten favorite nail polishes, Orly‘s Rage. Orly Rage is a absolutely beautiful rose gold foil polish. As I’ve said in the past, these foil polishes are just too great to not have as part of your collection – they go on smoothly without obvious brushstrokes, only need two coats to be opaque, and are such showstoppers that you don’t need jewelry!

I am one, however, to gild the lily.

Orly Rage with OPI Spark de Triomphe

Orly Rage with OPI Spark de Triomphe Nail Polish

Look how ridiculous and fierce this would have been without the blinged-out ring finger! But I just can’t help myself, you should know that by now. I added a nice, thick coat of OPI‘s Spark de Triomphe on top of just that nail. Spark de Triomphe, which was one of the Serena Williams polishes that came with a shatter/crackle, is a pretty unique glitter shade. It has silver and gold microglitter in a clear base, but also has larger pieces of silver and gold glitter scattered through the polish. Very, very sparkly.

Orly Rage nail polish with OPI Spark de Triomphe on ring finger

Orly Rage nail polish with OPI Spark de Triomphe on ring finger

I did this manicure as kind of a Beyoncé birthday tribute. (Put a ring on it? Fierce?) I feel like she’d wear this, don’t you? I’m happy with how it turned out, but I’m wondering if I should have added a coat of black crackle on top, because that looks awesome over this shade. I’ll share with you that I was honestly a hair away from adding rhinestones.

It’s nice to know that I do have self control when it comes to my nails. Somewhere very deep down.

I bought my bottle of Orly Rage here from beauty.com. Check OPI‘s website to find your local OPI retailer!

Do any of you have these polishes? (You should!!!) Do you think this is a (Sasha) fierce enough tribute to Beyoncé? Are you excited for the Jayoncé baby like I am? I can’t even think of another child that will be or has been pressured to accomplish greatness as much as theirs. What do you think?

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

30 Aug

Hey readers! It’s such a nice afternoon here in New York City – I hope it is wherever you are!

I’ve made my opinion on fall perfectly clear – it needs to get here stat. It feels like the weather is starting to cool off somewhat (or maybe that’s just psychosomatic on my part), so I’ve started to bust out the fall nail shades! The one I’m sharing with you today is one of my favorite nail polishes of all time, so I’ve mentioned it on the blog before in my top ten favorite nail polishes post.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop nail polish

OPI Ski Teal We Drop nail polish

OPI Ski Teal We Drop is a beautiful teal creme that looks wonderful against my pale skin, but I can see it looking fabulous against any skin tones. It pairs as well with the rich fabrics of fall as it does with denim, which makes me curious…could it be a dupe for Les Jeans de Chanel?

Les Jeans de Chanel

Les Jeans de Chanel polishes, picture courtesy of temptalia.com

In the first picture, Ski Teal We Drop takes on such a strong green cast that I didn’t think it was likely. But on the nail, it’s far more blue.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop swatch

OPI Ski Teal We Drop swatch, direct sunlight

There were no swatches of Les Jeans de Chanel available when I wrote this post, but it looks like that Ski Teal We Drop could be a possible dupe for Chanel‘s Blue Rebel. Peter Philips and Chanel have created some awesome, lustworthy nail polish shades in the past (I am still furious at myself for missing out on Jade), and I own a few bottles myself – but I’ve found the quality of the nail polish to be embarrassingly poor. Sure, it’s a great way to get in on the designer action, but I expect no chipping in the first few days of wear for a price tag of $25. I won’t be buying any of Les Jeans de Chanel – not just because of the poor formula quality, but because the colors aren’t terribly innovative this time around.

But Chanel isn’t who is on trial in this post – it’s OPI Ski Teal We Drop!

Pros: I have practically no complaints about this polish. It’s nearly a one-coater, but I did two. Dries beautifully, the color is unique in my collection, and is shiny without a topcoat!

Cons: My only gripe would be that if you leave it on too long (because it doesn’t chip easily), it can stain your nails – I seem to have the most trouble with blues/greens and discoloration. I really wouldn’t recommend leaving it on for more than a week.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop nail polish

OPI Ski Teal We Drop nail polish swatch, indirect sunlight

Though this nail polish came out last year in OPI‘s Swiss Collection, they must have made it permanent as it’s available to “try on” on their website. You can also get it here on drugstore.com (they show the wrong polish in the picture there – don’t worry, it’s frost-free)!

Do you have this one? (If you don’t, I recommend you pick it up!) What do you think – is it a dupe?

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