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Chanel Graphite

20 Jan

Hey, y’all. I warn you now, this is going to be a long little doggie of a post. I know, I’ve not been around that much. I have my fingers in a little bit of everything, but those fingers are wearing Chanel. Chanel Graphite, if we’re being specific. I’ll explain later what that everything is, but for now, just check this out:

Chanel Graphite Nail Polish

Chanel Graphite Nail Polish

So this is Chanel Graphite, which came out this fall (to bated breath, typical of any Peter Philips production). I didn’t get when it came out because I swore that after Paradoxal chipped after four days that I’d never spend $26 on Chanel’s polish again. Of course, I ended up impulse buying it while Christmas shopping. I’m weak. The worst part was that once I got home, I realized that I had Revlon‘s dupe of it (Carbonite) sitting untested on my vanity. I felt like a real putz over this (still do!) but I thought, “hey, maybe it will be my dream pewter!

Chanel Graphite Nail Polish

Chanel Graphite Nail Polish

It was not. (I’ve been on this pewter quest for a specific reason – and it doesn’t match my purse! *stomps like a toddler*) The SA at Bloomingdale’s warned me that it has a lot of green undertones, which you can see from my swatch, but his warning fell on deaf ears. If you can imagine a cartoon version of me, I had interlocking Chanel C’s for eyes popping out of my head, spring noises and all, and there was no turning back. Sigh.

At any rate…it’s a foil, but not your average foil. Predominantly dark silver, with gold and green mixed in, to give it that sea-green cast. It’s definitely stunning.

Pros: The wear has been, to my surprise, pretty great. Three smooth coats. No chipping, no cracking – it’s pretty gorgeous overall, and unique (save for the decent dupe in Revlon‘s Carbonite).

Cons: Dude. It’s $26. That kind of money is for blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, half a good foundation (ha!), brushes – pretty much anything but mascara (drugstore, guys. Drugstore is where it’s at) and nail polish. ALL NAIL POLISHES ARE THE SAME. I’m paying for the packaging, the name, and for the innovative color – and the color thing is a stretch. The ingredients are basically all the same for all makeup except skincare – and often, not even then.

That all being said, I enjoyed wearing it this week. If you’d like to buy it, you can buy it directly from Chanel‘s website (I’ve never ordered from them, but I’d expect some pretty fancy packaging in the mail), or you could get it here from Bloomingdale’s, like I did.

A NOTE on SOPA: This is a very, very important issue for our generation, especially for anyone involved in social media. SOPA would bring blogging to a screeching halt. Say a multi-billion dollar company saw one of my BRILLIANT AND SCINTILLATING (kidding!) blog posts – and say they didn’t like it because I said that it looked cheap. Or it didn’t wear well. Or that another company’s was better. You know – #sh*tbeautybloggerssay. That would be enough to totally shut down my blog. I am going to bust out my Elle Woods voice and say, “Hello?! Freedom of speech?!” And that is just not right.

One of my awesome readers and commenters, Derek, asked if I had a list (or knew of one in existence) compiling beauty companies who DON’T support these bills. Unfortunately, I don’t, but I’d love to know who out there in the beauty world is against this stuff! I checked the official list of who does support SOPA, and it seems like the biggest names in beauty, fashion, and publishing are all backing this. I doubt that smaller, more independent beauty companies would be behind anything like SOPA because blogs help get their names out there, but who can say? I’d love to know for sure. As for the bigger companies I was talking about?

Let’s just say this particular post would be shut down in a post-SOPA world.

On a less apocalyptic note! I’m not around as much because I’m going back to school in a few weeks! I’m starting a graduate program in something completely unrelated to beauty. I’m a little anxious but excited about this new endeavor. However, just because I’m a new student again doesn’t mean I’ll neglect you guys! I’ll still be here.

If anything, the reason I’m not here as much is because I’m going to be a guest somewhere else on the internet for a while. It has been an AWESOME experience so far and I can only expect it to get even greater! More on this soon.

So what do you guys think about Graphite? Chanel polishes in general? Or about SOPA? Do any of my readers support it? I’d be curious to hear why.


Revlon Nail Enamel in Blue Lagoon

22 Aug

Hey guys! Hope you’ve had a less-than-manic Monday thus far. I’ve been feeling kind of blue lately, so after taking off my glittery Ke$ha manicure, I went for a walk to my local drugstores to check out my options.

And came back with a blue nail polish.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Blue Lagoon

Revlon Nail Enamel in Blue Lagoon

To be fair, I’d had my eye on Revlon‘s Blue Lagoon for a while. It looks like it’s similar to Chanel Riva, a limited edition color that intrigued me, but wasn’t fabulous enough to get me to open my wallet for it. I don’t have any colors like this – blue is not one of my polish go-to shades – so I knew that I needed to check it out. The verdict?

Pros: The color is pretty unique and I definitely didn’t have any like it. It’s a pale sky blue with teeny tiny sparkles. It’s a great summer shade (another reason I picked it up)! If you’re a fan of Revlon’s Chanel dupes, this is one.

Cons: I found the polish to have an odd consistency – thick, but still runny. It wasn’t the easiest to apply, but I got away with three coats. I also experienced some slight bubbling, which was disappointing. It also definitely needs a top coat of Seche. However, I’m usually willing to put up with crummy application for a unique shade.

Blue Lagoon is limited edition, so if you can still find it, check it out. I just got mine at Rite Aid, but I’ve seen them in some Duane Reades and at CVS. It also seems that drugstore.com still has it in stock!

What do you think? Are you a fan of blue nail polish?

It’s Not A Trick: Revlon Color Illusion Nail Polish in Silver Switch

11 Aug Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

Hopefully some other beauty fans are just as crazy about Arrested Development (like me!) and get the joke up there…

A friend of mine suggested a blue manicure for this post, but after seeing the state of my nails after removing CND Oil Slick, I decided I should take a small break from the blues and greens. (When one color stains my nails, I try to wear something that I know won’t stain or a shade from the other side of the color wheel.) Kind of disappointed that I couldn’t share another blue with you guys, I poked through the untested section of my nail polish collection and found THIS animal.

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

It’s a blessing and a curse that I live close enough to Revlon‘s company outlet to check out what inexpensive goodies I can nab every so often. Nail polish is often a dollar, which as you can imagine, is terrifying and amazing at the same time for someone like me. I picked this one, Revlon Color Illusion in Silver Switch, up at the outlet a few years ago. It’s a duochrome, meaning it appears to be two (or more!) colors at once. Check it out on the nail:

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch Nail Polish

Revlon Color Illusion Silver Switch polish, swatched

The base is silver, but appears purple/pink and green/gold. The green/gold flash appears mostly in direct sunlight, while the purple/pink flash shows up indoors. It’s very similar to mother of pearl!

Pros: This stuff dried FAST. Really fast. I was very impressed. The color is also somewhat unique

Cons: …but not that unique. I realized I have at least one color like this, Deborah Lippmann‘s Wicked Game, which has slightly darker silver as its base but flashes the same colors. And if you have OPI‘s Not Like the Movies from Katy Perry’s collaboration, that one looks similar. So does Wet n’ Wild‘s Gray’s Anatomy. I also needed five coats to reach the level of opacity I wanted, but it was so quick to dry that taking the time to apply more coats didn’t bother me.

That all said, if you can track this down for a reasonable price, check it out – but all of the above are still readily available (and Wet n’ Wild is even more economical than Revlon), so don’t be too stressed if you can’t find it.

What do you think of this rare gem?

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